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2022 Louis Award Winner

All the of the entries this year were very strong. Contest Judge Lana Hechtman Ayers has selected as Winner: One Finch Singing by Emily Ransdell.

Lana notes: "I was swept away by the taut grace of these lyrical narrative poems."


Read a review of One Finch Singing by AE Hines in Northwest Review

Book release reading for Concrete Wolf Louis Award Winner Emily Ransdell for One Finch Singing & MoonPath Press Sally Albiso Award Winner Sati Mookherjee for Ways of Being.

Poem from One Finch Singing

Night Sky

It goes on forever,
beyond error and indignity,
accusation and bruise.
No matter how many sorrows
are torn from memory, night
shines its thousand lights down—
the archer, the bow,
the bull’s bright eye. The dipper
on the back of the bear.

Once I was a girl who rode
the long tails of wishes
as I lay on the dock looking up.
Ice and iron is what
they were made of.
Beauty and dust.
Night like a kind of forgiveness,
letting the flaming pieces fall.
Common Uproar


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